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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 12, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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much more humid and it will be feeling a little more uncomfortable. temperatures should be going down. 75 at reagan national. 71 arlington. 68 as we head to northern prince georges county and looks like 70 degrees southeast part of the beltway as you head in to fairfax county. 64 in reston. 72 in fairfax and as we go farther outside, temperatures generally running 60s to the lower 70s. there you see them. 9 news now forecast. let's get it in. 79 for the forecast under partly cloudy skies by 9:00. 86, mostly cloudy skies by noon. 7. slight chance of a thunderstorm by 5:00. i will have more on the forecast in 15 minutes. right now traffic time with angie. looking at the maps across the region, i can't complain right now. happy monday, everybody. things are looking mighty fine. 95 northbound. take it outside and show you from fredericksburg making your way past lorton to 495 looking at a one hour drive.
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moving to 395 northbound, no problems to report at this time from the duke street area up to the 14th street bridge back to the realtime graphic answer we want to show you route 4, route 5 and 301. everything is incident free. and the outer loop in maryland is tracking that commute. nice and quiet this morning. 95 all the way to 270. that's the traffic. back to you. this morning, vre has a new operator, keolis is replacing amtrak as the company in charge of all vre trains. we have more on how this change will affect commuters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, hopefully the only changes vre riders will notice are cosmetic like new employees, new uniforms but this morning certainly marks the end of an era for virginia's commuter railway. after 18 years of running vre,
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amtrak is out and keolis rail services of america is taking over. amtrak has run the railway since its beginning but last november tux during vre contract negotiations the french company was the lowest bidder and was awarded an $85 million operations contract. but the changeover has come with some controversy. two months ago, keolis alleged that they would not be ready for the june 28th takeover and clearly the date did slip by two weeks. the problem was vre was struggling to get employees in place. keep in mind, nearly all of the amtrak employees who ran the trains decided to stay with amtrak and not switch to keolis. they have had to hire and certify 80 employees but after a july 5th dry run they say the new employees are good to go an all a smooth transition this morning.
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now this morning marks the first time that keolis has entered the u.s. commuter train market but get this, keolis is already in talking to try to take over and get the contract for maryland's commuter train marc. we could likely be hearing much more from keolis in the months to come. back to you. >> thank you. there's good news for metro. the system has won preapproval for $220 million in safety and reliable upgrades from the federal transit administration. some of the upgrades include safety recommendations following the june 2009 fatal red line crash. money will go for rehabilitation of the blue, orange and yellow lines as well as track upgrades and overhauling rail equipment and there will be some funds to improve elevators and escalators. a 10-year-old struck by a car this weekend in georgetown is hospitalized with life- threatening injuries. it happened last night on wisconsin avenue between q and
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r streets. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. they still don't know if the boy was in the cross walk when he was struck. following a deadly fire this weekend, dc fire officials are reminding people about the importance of working smoke detectors. investigators found one smoke alarm in the burned home in the 1600 block of w street southeast but they don't think it was working. 85-year-old ruby harris and her 59-year-old dawdle horse both died of their injuries from saturday's fire. fairfax county police are trying to keep the case of a murdered teenager from going cold. officers handed out flyers at the fairfax plaza shopping center exactly two weeks after 19-year-old vanessa pham was last seen there. surveillance video shows her car exiting the parking lot, just ten minutes before her body was found less than mile away. >> we just want folks to look at it, to think of where you were. if you saw her or her car,
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anything like that. >> she graduated from james madison high school in video vienna, virginia and just finished her first year in college and hoped to become a fashion designer. they have printed fliers in several languages and hope their frequent kann salsing will lead to crucial clues to solve the case. metropolitan police need your help to identify the two men wanted in a violent robbery. they are hoping surveillance video will lead to an arrest. it shows the robbers attacking two female employees inside of a subway restaurant on k street northwest. this happened june 22nd. the women didn't suffer serious physical injuries. call police if you have any information on these men. >> five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. good morning. >> good morning. let's do last week all hover again. how's that sound? the dow up 5% in four trading
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sessions. one thing that could fuel a new rally this week a host of key earnings reports due out and in trading today asian stock markets are kicking off the week with gains. the dow stands below 10200 after adding 59 points on friday. the nasdaq surged by 21 and the s&p up by nearly eight points orange the dock for reporting earnings today, alcoa and banking giant japan morgan chase, bank of america, general electric and intel are scheduled to report earnings this week. expect nations for second quarter profits are pretty solid. thompson reuters is forecasting companies in the s&p 500 will post profit growth of 27%. the fastest-growing restaurant chain in america last year was burger joint five guys some-called better burger joints are one of the fastest growing areas of the industry. and also restaurants like elevation burger are expanding
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in to kuwait. so this is a fast-growing part of the market and one that we can sink our teeth in to it. >> junk food junkie. i signed up a long time ago. what do you have in the next half hour. >> we are explaining why in you need to he new your passport you may want to think of doing it today. >> thank you. some 800 volunteers fanned out across washington to participate in microsoft's day of giving. it featured a variety of projects allowing participants to give back to local communities. at the -- they assembled 500 disaster relief kits and 1,000 literacy kits for children and created comfort kits for children of deployed soldier and painted murals as part of a beautification project at dc schools. a group one dc will step up the campaign for more affordable housing by setting up a tent city. they held a right to housing
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party at 7th and f streets northwest. organizers say the city government has broken promises to make sure new developments include housing for low-income residents. >> housing is not affordable for someone who is not making $50,000 or more. the majority of us are not even making that figure. how can we live in the city? >> reporter: one dc leader says their supporters will inhabit a ten center on parcel 42 in ward 2 until the housing developments planned for that lot will be affordable for families making less than $50,000. a rare public siting of fidel castro. that story is coming up. and the teenager dubbed by police as the barefoot bandit is now in custody. and if you based the world cup based on the octopus oracle, you made some money. highlights ahead in sports.
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in this news now, 54 people, including an american was killed in two bombings in uganda. a california-based children's aid group identified the killed worker. the explosions happened in the ugandan capital of kcampala. newly published photos from cuba show a rare appearance by fidel castro. the cuban leader has rarely been seen since falling ill four years ago. the new pictures show a healthy looking castro. the teenager known as the barefoot bandit is in custody in the bahamas. authorities say that he stole cars. boats and planes as he
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dodged u.s. law enforcement since escaping from a halfway house in washington state two years ago. the 19-year-old arrived in the bahamas nearly a week ago. this week the future of a once popular diabetes drug could be determined. details coming up. and severe weather damage yesterday in the middle of the country but is that storm system heading our way? here's devon. >> not exactly but we could see our own rain chances moving back in the forecast. temperatures 60s and 70s out there. and we have more cloud cover to deal with by noon. we will let you know when the storms are set to hit with the complete forecast when the news this morning comes right back. .
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a possible down burst or maybe a tornado left a trail of damage in a kansas city neighborhood. trees snapped in the strong winds taking out power lines and toppling on some cars and homes. despite the damage, no serious injuries were reported. devon lucie is in for howard bernstein. i don't think we go one week without coming up with some kind of storm report like that. >> no. we have severe weather almost every day and we need it in spring and summer and the fall, too. severe weather starts in the southern united states in the early part of the spring and
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shifts to the central plains midwest through frill april in to may and that's where we hit our severe weather and then to the north and the northern plains in to the summer. that's the shift in the weather pat everyone. for us not bad temperature- wise. cloud cover is building in. it will hold us down a little bit. we have some south breezes that start to pick up and make it more humid today. so a little more uncomfortable even though the temperatures look like they are cooling down. 87 degrees tomorrow. tuesday, i think is our best chance of scattered thunderstorms coming in. don't forget today we have a slight chance of afternoon and evening storms. wednesday could have more thunderstorms. so if all the dry lawns out there, are going to work hard to put more water on 0 there. 60s and 70 this morning. slight chance of an isolated to scattered afternoon and evening storm. cloudy skies, lower 70s and upper 60s and tomorrow afternoon, thunderstorms are likely by tuesday afternoon and
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tuesday evening. i will show you when they are coming in. the satellite and radar together. thin clouds are moving in. thicker clouds to the west, already developing thunderstorms, west viriginia, parts of kentucky in to tennessee. current temperatures will show you where you are right now. 75 is what we read here at reagan national. 70 in fredericksburg. frederick is running 70 degrees. hagerstown 71. bill in newland told me 74 down there. here's a look at that slight chance of an isolated storm. mainly the cloud cover that i think is moving in today. cloud cover around again on tuesday and watch this by tuesday afternoon. scattered thunderstorms are possible but a better shot by afternoon and in to the evening hours coming in as a weak front comes in and dies out. even in to wednesday we could keep a chance of storms in the forecast. high temperatures here today. i'm going to keep you under 90 degrees but with the humidity it is going to feel like 92, 93, 94. the zen forecast. better chance of storms blue
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ridge to the divide in to the appalachians. temperatures upper 80s. a little warmer in the eastern shore as we will have more sunshine out that way. seven-day forecast slight chance of storms today. better chance tomorrow. and then typical july weather patten as we are in the lower to mid-90s. hot and humid the lest of the week and that's the forecast. it's now traffic time. >> traffic time. speaking of time, it is 17 minutes after the 5:00 hour. hope you are off to a great monday. bull's eye. yeah, looks like in the middle of our map we have a problem, northwest dc, traffic lights are out at 21st and c street. treat it as a four-way stop. looking at 95 and the bw parkway. it is smooth sailing on both commutes out of baltimore past 32 all the way down to powder mill. it's also a good drive as we move over to 270. take you outside and show you the drive past 121 all the way down to the split.
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in virginia, we are tracking the trip on 66 eastbound. no delays coming up in the near future from centreville toward dc. and 495 in virginia looks like the construction has cleared and we are looking at lanes wide open, making your way from 95 up to 66. continuing to the american legion bridge. back to you. >> in the living well headlines, this week the food and drug administration will look at whether the diabetes drug avandia should stay on the market. studies linked it to an increased risk of heart attack. avandia used to be one of glaxosmithkline's best-selling drugs. an expert panel will recommend whether avandia needs a stronger warning label or whether it should be pulled off the market. if you are changing what you eat to lose weight you may want to consider how it is effecting your intake of vitamins and minerals. a study following women on different popular diets found many don't get enough essential
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vitamins and minerals. more than 65% weren't getting enough vitamin e. women on the zone diet fared the best. a number of people who live near fort detrick, maryland say the military installation is making them sick. the community around the base has seen a number of residents fall victim to several forms of cancer. on saturday, the kristin renee foundation organized a community meeting to talk about the problem. fort detrick has been home to several harmful contaminants and many believe it contributed to the high cancer cases. >> if you do not dispose of them properly you have downstream effect and the effects we are seeing among the community is a variety of cancers. >> reporter: residents suspect for decades the military has burned several toxic chemicals and biohazards and they believe ash from the fires may have contaminated the water stable table and soil in a ten-mile radius of the base. the wizards number one
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draft pick makes his debut in summer league play. and it's a happy hangover this morning in spain where they are first-time world cup champions. highlights from the final game coming up next in sports. but first at 5:20 here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday today. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and better for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier. good morning. i'm brett haber with the wakeup sports. months ago when spain lost the opening match in the world cup to switzerland there was a serious doubt that they would get out of the open stage of the tournament let alone win it. but in the six games that tolled they allowed one goal total and as they say, defense wins championships. spain and the netherlands. neither had won the cup before. and this was the game changer.
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a player is out of the game and spain capitalizes in extra time. far post nails it and spain is the 8th nation to win the world cup. they are celebrating in madrid. they will do it all again in four years in brazil. baseball now. the all-star break alives and thionates are in the this same place as a year ago last place. but things seem more optistic this time around. when the addition of strasburg and matt kapps and zimmerman and dunn elimination. this july doesn't seem as grim. in trouble in the first. bases loaded single. giants lead 2-0. top of the third, posey to center. morgan is fast but not that
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fast. two more score and nats fall 6- 2. from hoops, number one pick john wall making his debut on the team in vegas last night taking on the golden state warriors. his first shot as a wizard, a bricker radio. everybody has to start somewhere. the kid had 24 points in 33 menthenes wizards win. that's a look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great monday, everybody. also in sports, lance armstrong admits he now has no chance of winning the tour de france. the seven-time tour de france winner crashed three times in sunday's 8th stage slipping to 39th position and more than 13 minutes behind the leader. a look at both car and gas prices is coming up in our next "living $mart" segment. plus, tens of thousands of gulf coast residents get free
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entertainment as they cope with the affects of the oil spill. and this morning a new company takes over operations on the vre. it is 5:26. here's angie. we are problem free traveling on fox hall and canal but in northwest dc a couple of tieups to tell you about when we return. stay with us. ie this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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good morning. b.p. repairs to place a better cap over the ruptured well. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. we will have more on that story in a moment. thanks for joining us, though. angie goff is here. she is going to have traffic in just a moment and devon lucie is starting us off in for howard. >> not a bad forecast, kind of good and then a downer out there. it is just humidity working back in. the good for us, cloud cover comes back in. that's going to bring temperatures down a bit today. right now where we are temperature-wise, looks like 75 in the nation's capital. 76-degree as we go down to,
5:30 am
well, 70 degrees at andrews. that's where we are. 69 up in baltimore. 72 as we cross back in to northern virginia in fairfax right now. 9 news now forecast, 79 is the official temperature. partly cloudy skies. clouds by noon and five. 87 by 5:00. might be a slight chance of an evening thunderstorm. need to talk about the better chance of storms and what the temperatures will do the rest of the week with the forecast but right now traffic time. >> traffic time and tie ups to tell you about. look at the maps. traffic lights are out at 21st and c street in northwest. you are going to want to treat it as a four-way stop. as you zoom in we have ongoing construction that will go on all day through friday. how it is affecting you is 16th street and cress isn't place. we are losing two lanes in both directions and going southbound in the work zone there's no available parking due to the
5:31 am
work zone setup. move to the outer loop in maryland. no problems to report as we move it outside. a live shot from 95 over to 270. this is the live condition at university. 395 northbound, good morning, virginia. everything appears to be moving well here as we are tracking the trip past king street, seminary and king to the pentagon and that's a quick look at traffic. over to you. this morning, uncapped oil is free flowing in to the gulf of mexico. b.p. is trying a new fix in hopes of capturing more crude from the leaking well. over the weekend, robots removed the containment cap. a new cap designed to seal the leak should be put in to place this week. it is not a permanent fix. those are the relief wells which are still being dug. meanwhile, some gulf coast residents got a little free entertainment for all of their troubles ♪ [ music ] ♪ but
5:32 am
i know it is all b.p.'s fault ♪ >> reporter: jimmy buffjimmy buffett changed some of the famous lyrics during a free concert in gulf shores, alabama. he played for tens of thousands of fans and alabama governor says that some of the money the state gets from b.p. may fund more concerts in hopes of luring back tourists. this morning vre has a new operator, chris rail services america is replacing -- keolis rail services of america is replacing amtrak. we have more on whether rail commuters will notice any changes. >> reporter: the first vre train run by the new company should be pulling in to this station in 20 minutes and when it does it will be the first time ever that a vre train has not been operated by amtrak. now, let's keep in mind this new company keolis says they
5:33 am
hope the only change that vre riders will notice are cosmetic like new conductors, new uniforms and maybe more transit fishes riding the first keolis- operated trains. federal railroad administration officials will be on board every vre train this week to monitor the changeover, along with amtrak officials and vre board members. so far, all a smooth transition this morning. keep in mind the changeover has come with controversy. two months ago, amtrak alleged that keolis employees would not be ready for the june 28th takeover and indeed it did slip by two weeks and they are under fire from a group of holocaust survivors. they are upset because it is partly owned by the french railway. the same railway accused of transporting 77,000 holocaust victims from france to nazi concentration camps during world war ii. the group of survivors asked
5:34 am
for an apology before it received a contract from the u.s. government. so far that has not happened. keolis was awarded the $85 million five-year operations and maintenance contract last november. and again, it all culminates today when the first keolis operated train pulls in to the station. should be pulling in at 5:52. one other thing keolis says they are focusing on is renewed customer service and one thing in particular, the with washington examiner is reporting that keolis will be focusing on handing out halloween candy on halloween. that's something amtrak was not allowed to do. small changes but keolis says they will be focused on improving customer service. back to you. >> something to look forward to. it is safe to water outdoors again in rockville, maryland. the city lifted mandatory watering restrictions yesterday afternoon. they have been in place because of a 24-inch water main this which ruptured last week.
5:35 am
officials hoped to lift restrictions on saturday but crews found another trouble spot which needed to be repaired. you may hear a new ad in the governor's race. the presumed nominees, bob ehrlich and incumbent o'malley spent part of the weekend campaigning and o'malley's campaign is releasing an ad that credits the governor with "making tough choices to move maryland forward despite fiscal challenges." time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back with a look at what we are all paying on the car lots. good morning. >> that's right. of course we talked a ton about price cuts and incentives but as it turns out on average we are paying more to drive off in a new car. our partners at "usa today" report that consumers spent an average of $29,000 for their new cars or trucks from january through may. says it is an increase of $1,000 or 3.7% compared with last year.
5:36 am
prices were up 5.5% for chrysler. 4.3% for ford and 3.8% for gm. prices at the pump keep dropping. nationwide the average price of gasoline is dropped 4 cents to $2.73 a gallon. that's according to the national lundberg survey. this morning aaa reports the drivers in the washington area are paying less, $2.68 a gallon a nickel less than the rest of the country. it is time for a money saver. if you need to get your passport renewed you may want to move it up on your to do list. try to do it today. why? tomorrow a higher passport fees will go in to affect raising the price from 75 to $110. for more money-saving advice check out my blog the follow me on twitter and i'd love to be your friend on facebook. one day can save you a lot of money. >> i want to congratulate the
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mother of the prince. 50-pound dictator. >> that's right. >> congratulations. a toddler survives being tossed on to a busy street. that story is coming up. plus, a sinkhole has already swallowed a car but could some homes be next? oh, my, none of that going on the dulles toll road. we are delay free past the airport making your way to tysons corner and mclean. more traffic after the break. [ kid 1 ] wanna know some of our favorite things? we love summertime fun! ...wearing our favorite colors... ...and jamming to our favorite bands!
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and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪ police in oakland, california are expected to release more information about a man accused of throwing his own daughter in to traffic. witnesses who saw the man shake the toddler and hurl her in to a path of oncoming cars included an off-duty police
5:40 am
officer. amazingly the child is not seriously hurt. a fast-growing wildfire is threatening homes in washington state. officials say since the fire was spotted on saturday, it covered mar than 6,000-acres. while temperatures will be cooler there today, winds will likely pick up. no word on what caused the blaze. crews in tampa, florida are trying to stabilize a sinkhole that is already swallowed a car. the hole is about 20 feet deep and 20 feet wide and growing. residents of a nearby condo building have been evacuated until engineers make sure the structure isn't threatened ever local care givers who depend on medicaid look to captiol hill to get their full salaries restored. that story is coming up. a rare solar eclipse skims the sky in one of the least populated areas on the globe. it is a little more humid as we get up this morning. the 9 news forecast shows 79 by 9:00, mostly cloudy skies by
5:41 am
noon and at five 87. we will tell you how the thunderstorm chances factor in though forecast, too. the news comes right back.
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welcome back to 9 news now. today is the sixth month anniversary of the devastating earthquake in hey did and the destruction is everywhere. more than a quarter million people died in the january 12th earthquake which was a magnitude seven. the work to clear the debris of destroyed buildings moves slowly and hundreds of thousands of survivors who lost their homes are still packed in to tent cities. >> the best situation is the rain will start and we need to switch the strategy from enabling people to survive in tents to building homes or alternative shelters. >> reporter: while relief workers say survivors have much better access to food and water
5:45 am
what they hope for now are jobs so they won't be dependent on aid. if you would like to donate to haiti earthquake relief effort, log on to and look under the 9 news extras heading near the top of the home page. it was not visible in our part of the world, but thousands of people in the south pacific witnessed a full eclipse of the sun yesterday. spectators on easter island gathered near the famous huge stone figures and most used special viewing glasses to avoid injuring their skies. the skies got dark for four minutes during the eclipse. the longest eclipse period could be own seen from the open ocean of the pacific. that is a long time. >> it is a long time. i can it take going to the south pacific to see a little eclipse action. anytime for me. >> that's all right. >> right now. >> good morning. >> devon is for howard bernstein. how are we looking today?
5:46 am
>> pretty good. a couple of things work for us and one thing against us today. working for us is cloud cover. it will hold temperatures down from yesterday but humidity is also working back in. it is more humid already this morning than it has been the last couple of mornings. going with 88 with the humidity and more cloud cover today. 87 tomorrow. slight chance of an afternoon and evening thunderstorm here on monday. tuesday i think is a better chance of widely scattered thunderstorms for everyone in the afternoon and evening hours. on wednesday more sunshine and maybe another chance of thunderstorms. few clouds here and around this morning. 60s to the 70s is where we will go for temperatures this morning. for this afternoon, the cloud cover builds in. might see a chance of an isolated afternoon or evening thunderstorm and i will call that 20 to 30% chance. keep the umbrella handy, especially on the way home from work. could be running in to storms. mostly cloudy skies overnight and 60s and lower 70s. the forecast for tuesday that i
5:47 am
think thunderstorms are more likely afternoon in to the evening hours. satellite and radar together. a few clouds right now. thicker clouds off west. storms are firing up west of here, too. tennessee we could be looking at those storms later to affect the forecast. 75 in our nation's capital. gaithersburg 64. over to oakland 64. and culpeper you are at 66. so here in the nine future cast, one or two isolated storms shows by this afternoon in to the evening hours. better chance of these storms arrive on tuesday. the cloud cover is still here but the afternoon hours scattered storms are possible. afternoon and evening that's the best chance of storms. the forecast overnight on tuesday in to wednesday shows a big batch of rain courtesy of an approaching front that will die out. that's the best chance of scattered storms. many to wednesday that is going to be another chance of an isolated storm chance. the same for thursday. typical july weather pattern.
5:48 am
lower to mid 90 and heat and humidity combining to make it feel hotter. tuesday, friday, two chances of widely scattered storms for everyone in the forecast. angie? >> all right. thank you very much. right now we are 13 minutes from the 6:00 hour. not looking so pennsylvania more on a construction alert in northwest dc coming up. in the meanwhile we want to take you outside. good morning, heading 66 eastbound. looks like we are filling out between 50 and 123. making our way to the beltway, looking okay 95 to 66. no incidents or accidents to report at this time. showing you 270. delayed germantown road to 370. finally, i want to show you the travel times for those of you traveling dc 295. looks like the northbound trip to the 11th street bridge is 7 minutes. six minutes eastbound on the dulles toll road from 674 to
5:49 am
the beltway is what you can expect and only ten traveling 95 to 270 on the outer loop in maryland. now we have a commuter alert for those drivers who use 16th street in northwest washington. the national park service will close some lanes for work at meridian hill park this week. crews are making repairs to the 96-year-old retaining wall that lines the park. it is boarded by 16th euclid, 15th and w streets. work is expected to take place between 6:00 a.m. an 5:00 p.m. today until friday. could you live in this area on 10.90 an hour? that's what virginia is paying home-based care givers after the senate failed to extend emergency funds for medicaid. as peggy fox reports the reduction could destabilize hundreds of lives. >> reporter: brian made a mistake 25 years ago when he was 20. his wrecked his car while
5:50 am
driving under the influence and left with a traumatic brain injury. he talked to teenagers about the importance of being sober behind the wheel. his parents believe his speeches saved lives. brian can't speak or walk well anymore but he lives in his own apartment with a 24-hour care giver. monday through friday it is julianna who cared for brian for four years. >> i made a decision i will make a difference in his life. so i really took him on as a family member and did all i could to make him happy. >> reporter: but for her and other medicaid caregivers, they are looking for new jobs with better pay because they just got hit with a 5% pay cut from $11.47 an hour to $10.90 an hour. >> it is terribly unfair. we can find money for extra weapons systems that the pentagon doesn't need but we can't find 50 cents an hour more for our caregivers?
5:51 am
>> reporter: if she decides she needs to leave for a higher- paying job, the rife's will have a hard time finding someone as dedicated and qualified. for families in this situation, the only other option is a nursing home. because he needs one on one care he would be rarely moved from his bed and never taken anywhere and the things that make brian happy would be gone. in springfield, peggy fox, 9 news now. even if they want to, families cannot supplement caregivers pay because that's considered medicaid fraud. tomorrow the senate is voting on the extension of extra medicaid funds to replenish those salaries. will we will keep you updated. a new range that promises to keep things cooler in the kitchen is coming. and the animated character of despicable me. and this morning in in the examiner a former capitals player will receive workers compensation and disability
5:52 am
payments nearly a decade to the blow to his head that ended his career. montgomery county will rake in more money with residents cranking up their air conditioning. and the winners of the world cup are local bars. these story and more in the examiner. it 15:52. dry, rough, cracked?
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oh my goff. here's a look at who is at the top of the bob office this weekend. the animated comedy, despicable me, starring steve care real dominated at the movies winning the number one spot. staying strong at two is the tie light saga with $33 million. the remake of predators opened in third with 25 million city story 3 and the last air bender round out the top five. 9 news now viewer commit submitted a great video at the daytime emmys in las vegas ♪ [ music ] ♪ hats off to them.
5:56 am
her she got a special salute to our troops in return. >> hey to all the troops watching, thank you for what you do. thank you. >> you and your great families and thank you for taking care of everybody back home and everybody else. god bless you all. i couldn't love you guys more. >> reporter: thank you for that report. and get ready to surrender your week to french food. bass teal events are going on all week in the area. we have a guide to the festivities on-line. and your shot at being a primetime tv person. dc's hottest five bands have been chosen and will perform this week. we will be shooting the shows on july 31st at and we will also be airing it here on tv. and you can show up and be part of the crowd.
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join us on wednesday for band lower case letters. it kicks off at 6:00 p.m. then on thursday, i'm going to host the live concert featuring the state department at 19th and i street. it starts at 7 p.m. and it is free. finally it is coming, the best of 2010 party. metro mix has free tickets and it is easy to enter. log on to the key word is washingtonian. fill out the perform and a pair to the hottest party in town could be yours. back to you. if you are worried about what our high temperatures will do to your utility bills, it may be time to look at energy efficient appliances. as lesli foster shows us some new ranges promise not to heat up your kitchen and get the
5:58 am
cooking done faster. >> this chef loves to do store cooking demonstrations on induction ranges. >> it is faster, easier to maintain. easier to clean and it is extremely energy efficient compared to the alternatives. >> reporter: induction ranges, like these, use a magnetic field to heat the pots an pans more quickly and they are not hot to the touch. they are usually pricy, costing 25 there ooze or more. consumer products tested regular and induction ranges. each is put to work on everyday challenges. first, testers heat tomato sauce to see how well a stove top can hold a steady low heat. >> the sauce simmers without boiling or splattering it is doing a good job. >> testers use a device to see how evenly the cookies are browned. the tops and bottoms are checked for even browning. finally burgers are broiled to see which oven can turn out a pan of patties with a well
5:59 am
browned crust and which can't. consumer reports recommends digital controls but they might take getting used to. >> ranges have evolved over the years. so if you haven't seen a new range or cook top in a while, the digital controls might be more difficult to follow. >> reporter: that's true of this samsung index range but tests show it does a great job for hundreds of dollars less than other induction ranges. it rated excellent overall. lesli foster, 9 news now. >> induction ranges are part of the new frontier in green cooking. because they continue retain eat they use less energy and over the life of the range it will really save you money. you can see more reports on energy-saving appliances on our website at click on living smart. thank you for watching 9 news now. devon has the monday forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we


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